Express Versand

28,25% valid as of 01.02.2024

Source: DHL Express

Truck diesel surcharge

14,55 % valid as of 01.12.2023

Source: MT Logistik


As a global companion, we are at home in many industries and, above all, on all continents. No matter how near or far your destinations are, we create the link between you and your global markets.


Relationships, or rather a good network, are crucial to getting ahead in logistics. We have established and expanded these special contacts in selected locations around the world, where we can offer you premium service and maximum security. Our current "hotspots" are …

Chicago, this service includes

  • Blocked-space agreement (very high priority and reliability) with Lufthansa
  • Pick-up possible the day before departure
  • Delivery of shipments in the Chicago area as well as Wisconsin and Michigan within one to two days after landing.

Shanghai, this service includes

  • Own consol service
  • Pick-up possible the day before departure
  • Delivery 2-3 working days after landing in the Shanghai area

Brazil, this service includes

  • Reliable service through competent partners nationwide
  • DAP shipments possible


Let's talk about it and find the right route for you and your goods. Our global companions look forward to sharing ideas with you.

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