Express Versand

29,50% valid as of 01.05.2024

Source: DHL Express

Truck diesel surcharge

11,55 % valid as of 01.04.2024

Source: MT Logistik


At MT Logistik, we want to make it particularly easy for you to connect with your international markets. That's why we have listed the different options available for you to choose from here.


Henri-Duffaut-Str. 1 35578 Wetzlar


Südallee Frachtzentrum Modul E Room 331 85356 Munich


Cargo City Süd Building 556 60549 Frankfurt


The most direct and friendly way is through one of our global companions. She or he can work with you to find the best solution for your global logistics. However, the first step is up to you. Use this contact form and we will get in touch with you immediately.

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    Are you already certain about what you want? Do you have clear requirements and quantities? Then enter the details in the enquiry form and one of our global companions will contact you immediately with a binding offer.

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      If you need more details, just talk to one of our global companions. Click here for the contact partners.

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