Express Versand

29,25% valid as of 01.02.2023

Source: DHL Express

Truck diesel surcharge

17,55 % valid as of 01.01.2023

Source: MT Logistik


6. July 2022


Our contribution to sustainability

For MT Logistik, environmental protection is part of everyday life.

The topics of climate protection and sustainability are particularly important to us at MT Logistik. For example, we want to help neutralise the CO2 emissions we emit.

In order to do justice to precisely this claim, we pay attention to sustainability, even in the seemingly small things. For example, we heat our building in Wetzlar with geothermal energy and use a rainwater cistern for our service water. In addition, the courtyard is covered with eco-paving and we are gradually converting our fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles.

We are pleased with every contribution we can make as a logistics company to a more sustainable future and are proud to have been represented in the “100 Companies for Environmental Protection” charter since 2010.

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